About Us

Whether you're a bug-hater looking for a way to cope, or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, thank you for checking out my collection of Cicadapalooza t-shirts and hats (with cicada proof head netting!).

An experienced publicist with my own boutique agency, I'm used to navigating the wild worlds of sports, finance, and crisis management. But last year, I found myself obsessed with the upcoming invasion of a trillion cicadas. And, as I scrolled into the night, I noticed a sea of uninspired, gross-looking cicada merch. Seriously, who wants to wear bug-eyed, life-like cicadas on their shirt? 

Turns out, LOTS of people! But those are not my people.

Armed with sarcasm, sass, and style, I took the iconic Chicago flag and well, desecrated it with a cicada-infused makeover. And let's just say, those bugs have never looked cuter!

Tell me there’s a cicada invasion coming to our great city. But make it cute!

The Cicadapalooza tee embraces the chaos of the impending cicada invasion and turns it into something fun. Our hats with mesh netting will keep those pesky bugs out of your face and hair. Sure, your friends might laugh at you now, but just wait until Cicadapalooza is in full swing—they'll be begging for their own!

Let's make this cicada invasion one for the books, but make it cute!

Thanks for stopping by.

Rock on (to trillions of screaming cicadas),

Trayce Zimmermann

Founder, Cicadapalooza